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Opticians Forum in Stevenage is an independent practice in the  forum at the heart of the town centre, providing you with the highest quality eyecare and eyewear. 

Our expertise does not stop there. You deserve the world’s greatest eyewear. You want to be able see clearly and feel confident in your glasses, but you can’t find a pair that fits right or has your style – so why not let us help?

Imagine you are in a crowded room and someone hands you your perfect pair of glasses. The lenses fill your vision perfectly, giving comfort to all shapes and sizes while also enhancing focus on objects close up or far away; what’s more is that they match any outfit! Who wouldn’t be happy with such an easy solution?

Since our founding, we have been on a mission to provide the best customer service and largest selection of designer frames in town. We take pride not just with what’s inside your favourite glasses but also how it feels when you put them on – from frame quality all the way down to HD lens filters.

Our unique Eyewear Styling Consultation gets proven results so that everyone can find their perfect glasses.

Opticians Forum is passionate about having the best and latest fashion glasses from around the world. You will find a fantastic selection of designer frames from an array of internationally sought-after eyewear designers. These include the well known fashion icons like Tom Ford, Boss, Versace, Longchamp, Nike and many more. Our speciality is specialist eyewear fashionistas from around the world who have a passion and a flair for independent eyewear. There is Face a Face from Paris and Red Rose from America to name just a few.

Our motto is the World’s Greatest Eyewear and we do mean the World’s Greatest Eyewear because our passion is seeing You Looking and Feeling Great in Glasses.

So if you want to see well and look good in glasses, the Opticians Forum team is always on hand to help.

Call 01438 364 168 and schedule an appointment.

We would love to see you soon.

Chris Violaris BSc MCOptom

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