Opticians Forum in Stevenage

Helping You Look Good & Feel Great In Eyewear

A Unique Eyewear Experience

Helping You Look Good & Feel Great In Eyewear

Transform Your Eyewear Experience

Opticians Forum in Stevenage brings you individual and exclusive designer eyewear from around the world. We combine this with a unique ‘Eyewear Style Consultation’ with a professional, experienced, eyewear expert. You’ll get more out of your eyewear than ever before.

Style doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. Sometimes it’s as simple as a frame that fits you, suits your face shape and features, and a design that matches your individual sense of style.

Frames You'll Love Wearing

If you’re looking for the World’s Best Eyewear then these frames are for you. We have eyewear from Milan to New York

Here you’ll discover a new world of eyewear and choose a pair of glasses from a selection you won’t see elsewhere.

Get Help Choosing Glasses

If you don’t know what suits you; if you can’t find glasses that fit you or look good; if you go from optician to optician searching for, but never finding, anything you actually feel good about wearing; we can help you! Our team of experts will reshape the way you feel about eyewear.

What To Expect On
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The top 5 Questions You Must Ask Before Choosing an Optician

The average eye exam appointment in the UK is 20 minutes in length. While that may provide enough time for an optometrist to examine your eyes, it allows very little time for discussion and personalisation to your individual requirements.

Opticians Forum is proud to host the World’s Greatest Eyewear brands locally. There is no difference in walking the streets of Milan for Versace, The Streets of New York for Tom Ford when you can find the world’s greatest eyewear designers in The Forum at town centre of Stevenage . We view the collections three times a year to source the latest trend.

There are a lot of people who hate shopping for glasses and it’s mainly because they find the process of choosing new glasses painful, difficult and time consuming. Thankfully, at Opticians Forum there is a more sophisticated way to choose eyewear than just trying frames at random.

If you need to wear glasses then chances are you want to look good, feel confident and make the right impression with your glasses. Unfortunately, most opticians see glasses as just a functional requirement and it’s clear they do not understand the style issue. If you want to look your best in your eyewear then it’s essential that you get advice from someone who actually has a good sense of style.

Do They Have A Great Reputation? Does the opticians have many testimonials and five-star reviews from happy customers? If they do have a few it is reassuring. But there is a big difference between having a handful of generic testimonials versus having a huge quantity of sincere and enthusiastic testimonials.

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