Eye Exams

Opticians Forum has a team of exceptional optometrists who are all very experienced, professional, thorough, and friendly! Your eye exam will be with one of our optometrists, who will carry out all the tests and be with you the whole time. 

The reason we allow a longer time for your appointment is not just about the technical bits of doing an eye exam. The extra time our optometrist spends with you means we can give you better advice and recommendations.

We take more time to find out about YOU, any concerns you have, what your preferences are, how you use your eyes, and what type of work you do. And that means we can give you the best advice and solutions because it is all tailored to you.

An Enhanced Service

Most eye tests happen in small dark rooms. But not here. We’re lucky enough to be in a nice building with the luxury of space and natural light. That means we can make your experience a more enjoyable one. It feels more like a boutique here. It’s not rushed. We’ll take the time to answer all your questions. And we have great coffee!

We also give you a Free Eyewear Styling Consultation after your eye exam if you are interested in new eyewear.

This is another professional consultation with a senior dispensing stylist. We’ll show you definitively what shapes and styles of glasses will work best for your face shape. We show you all the possibilities and different types of statements you could make with your eyewear. So if you’re interested in new eyewear that will be helpful to you whether you decide to get glasses here or elsewhere.


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