Transition Lenses or Polarising Sunglasses?

Friday August 2, 2019

Transition Lenses or Polarising Sunglasses?

Our summer Offer of Free Lenses in the second pair is still on. You may be thinking that you have transition lenses so do you really need sunglasses so I thought I would put that to the test

The summer holidays are well under way. I really hope you have time for a holiday and a  rest. I normally like to wear my transition lenses which change with the light. These have been great and they give great UV protection and I have added an extra layer of protection called a Blue Light Block protection.

Below is me with the family,. I am wearing transition lenses while they are wearing sunglasses.

IMG_1876 (1)

However with this intense weather I have treated myself to proper sunglasses with polarised lenses. The frame I chose was the classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer.

polarising lenses

I have really enjoyed the sunglasses. Once the sun becomes intense it’s quite interesting that the transition lens no longer seems quite adequate. This is because the molecules in the material are temperature dependent. This means that they react less in very hot weather but go darker in very cold weather.  I now take the   sunglasses everywhere with me (except when I forget) and I have to say I really enjoyed using them.

The best way to describe the polarising effect is that it is like removing the hissing noise of an old LP. This was particularly noticeable when driving. All the pot holes were clearly visible. Even through tunnels they do not appear too dark. They have the advantage that you do not have to take them off as soon as you come indoors. Are there any disadvantages?

Well the main disadvantage was that the mobile phone was not as easy to see. This is because the polarising effect disrupts the mobile phone screens. So, if you are a heavy user of your phone or a kindle on holiday a tinted lens which has great UV absorbing properties is a good alternative. I really like my transition lenses on a daily basis but I would definitely have the polarising sunglasses for driving (even in winter where the sun is very low) and those glorious summer days which are now with us.

If you would like to take us up on our offer please call us on 020 8449 1993 or come in store.

Kind Regards

Chris Violaris

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