Opticians Forum Eyewear Styling 2023

Sunday January 8, 2023

Are you looking for a new look this year? Why not come in and try Opticians Forum Eyewear Styling? Our consultants will help you find the best glasses frames for your face shape, skin tone, hair colour, and more.

A new year is the perfect opportunity to try something totally different, and thanks to all the new and innovative eyewear styles available, there has never been a better time to stylize your glasses and express your true self. With the latest trends from brands like Tom Ford, Versace, Boss, Armani < Longchamp and many more from the World’s Greatest Eyewear, adding bold and daring looks to any outfit is easier than ever.

The right pair of glasses can boost confidence and improve attraction by enhancing facial features and creating an attractive look. Glasses frames come in a variety of styles and colour., which allows wearers to choose frames that best suit their personal preference, face shape, lifestyle, and personality.

By choosing a pair of frames that look flattering expresses your personality, you can feel more confident in the way you look. The glasses can also draw attention to your eyes, which is often an attractive feature. Ultimately, the right style of glasses can help boost your confidence, enhance features, and increase attractiveness.

The wrong style of glasses can drastically affect one’s appearance. Wearing the wrong style can lead to mismatched frame shapes, sizes, and colours that clash with facial features or hairstyle, or worse yet, simply don’t fit correctly.

Not only can it look unattractive, but it can also lead to a lack of confidence. Without having a flattering pair of glasses that accentuates one’s features, it can often feel like an accessory that is too distracting or not suitable for a person’s specific look. Not only can wearing the wrong glasses lead to a fashion mishap, but it can also cause physical discomfort due to an inability to see clearly or feeling uneasy due to the poor fitting. In the end, wearing the wrong style of glasses can not only lead to a lack of confidence, but also physical strain that further reduces self-esteem

Opticians Forum Eyewear Styling is a fantastic way to bring out the most beautiful features when wearing glasses because it takes into account the individual’s face shape, skin tone, hair, eye colour, and other physical features when selecting the best eyeglass frames for them. It also considers the style of frames desired, the prescription and your personality as well as the type of lens material, coatings, and more. With these factors in mind, Specs Direct’s consultants are able to create a customized look that accentuates your individual’s unique features rather than obscuring them.

This is why Opticians Forum Eyewear Styling is such a fantastic way to bring out the most beautiful features when wearing glasses.

Call us today on 01438 364 168 and start feeling good about your new glasses!

P.S Thank you to our wonderful patients who look great styling their new glasses.

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