Make Up Hacks For Ladies Who Wear Glasses

Tuesday June 7, 2022

t’s hard to wear mascara underneath your glasses.

Makeup Hacks For Ladies Who Wear Glasses

Keep your Makeup in Place with These Hacks

The worst possible thing about glasses is adjusting your makeup underneath the heavy frames. It’s not only the act of putting on makeup but keeping everything in place and proper, that’s a struggle. It especially gets hard for people who have oily skin and wear glasses.

Here are some great hacks that will help you refine your makeup skills and keep your glasses in check as well.

Forget Length, Think Curl

t’s hard to wear mascara underneath your glasses.

Mascara is one of the topmost struggles. It’s hard to wear mascara underneath your glasses. Long lashes always collide with the lens, making things uncomfortable. Many a time, women skip mascara for this reason alone. Here’s a tip, focus on curling your lashes more than focusing on making them longer.

Avoid lengthening them, go for volume and curl. This will make life easier for your lashes as well as your glasses.

The Primer Trick

The sole purpose of the primer is to build a smooth base for your foundation. But no matter what you do, your foundation keeps getting messed around your nose, because your glasses keep sliding down.

The back and forth motion of this smudges your foundation on the bridge of the nose. The easiest way to correct this is to take a bit of primer (eye-shadow primer) and dab a bit on the bridge of your nose. This will keep the glasses in place and keep your foundation from smudging.

Eye Corrector

Eye Corrector

The heavy frames always add blue-green shadows under the eye. Always use a yellow corrector to brighten that area or else your makeup will look dull under the eye. This colour correction brightens up the face instantly, making your makeup look fresh all day long.

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