Hair Styles For Women Who Wear Fashion Eye Wear 

Friday June 17, 2022

Hair Styles For Women Who Wear Fashion Eye Wear 

How to make sure your eyewear works with your hairstyle.

Having prescribed glasses isn’t a bad thing, but style around it, is a hard task.

Especially with hairstyle, you can get a lot of difficulties, It’s always a struggle to find the right haircut and style to go with the glasses frames you must wear.

It may not be easy, but it’s not impossible. Here are some cool hairstyle inspirations to try if you wear glasses.

Glasses and Hair Styles

These hairstyles work for working women, school or college-going girls as well as mothers busy with household and kids.

High Messy Bun

To look chic and in style, all the time, gather your hair on top of your hair and tie it in a bun, pull a but at it to make it look a bit messy.

The style is effortless and doesn’t take much time either. It’s a great way to style your hair as well.

This bun goes well with almost every occasion. For a more sophisticated look, make a sleek high bun and add a fashion clip or pin.

Center Parting with Or without Inward Layers

Remember our favourite Friends star Jennifer Aniston? How she rocked her spectacles with a centre parting. You can be just like her with your centre parting.

The balance of the hair on both sides gives the face an elongated illusion. The centre parting makes your face look a lot slimmer than usual. If you have time, style your layers inward to maximize the cool look.

 Sleek/Messy Pony Tail

Whether it’s messy or sleek, a ponytail works with glasses more than any other hairstyle.

You can play around with the parting as well. See which one suits your face more.

A Midway pony with centre parting and some fly-away hair will look good as well as a high sleek pony with every bit of hair pulled back and tucked in.


This is a tricky one, but it looks great of you can pull it off.

Whether your frame is big or small, the face looks smaller with glasses. This means that you don’t have much area to support your fringe.

Start small with a bit of bang. If they suit you go ahead and get your perfect fringe. A fringe looks ‘great with loosely curled hair, high bun or a high pony.


Hope you enjoyed these tips on hairstyles for ladies who wear glasses. If you wish to speak to one of our eyewear experts get in touch via phone or you can just reply to this email and we will get back to you. Have a great week.

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