GPC Opticians in Stevenage – Save up to £370 on New Glasses

Monday November 2, 2020

Save up to an incredible £370 on new Glasses!

That’s right – the more you spend the more you save – up to an incredible £370!

Here are just a few ideas:

Gardening Glasses

Do not go gardening with your new glasses. This is like going to the gym with your suit or evening dress. They could end up like this. Think about special gardening glasses.


Reading in Bed Glasses

Reading in bed may mean that you are not looking through the right part of the lens for multifocals or you may fall asleep with your glasses on. Think of special bedtime reading glasses which are flexible and that you can fall asleep in without breaking them.


Night Driving Glasses

nightvision (1)

Nobody likes driving in the dark. Advanced lens coatings can reduce glare from new LED lights from car headlights and make night driving more comfortable.

Zoom Glasses


A lot of my patients are now working from home and doing many more meetings on zoom. It is only then that they realise how they look with their out dated glasses. An up to date look and prescription can enhance the zoom meetings and give you some much needed street cred!!

Computer Glasses

Working from home means that you may be using computers for longer periods of time. The work is on the computer even the meetings are on the computer. Make life easier and more comfortable by using separate computer glasses. Computer lenses are recommended to be coated with Blue Protect coatings to reduce eyestrain from high velocity blue light rays from the computer which give rise to eyestrain.


In the modern world it is difficult for one pair of glasses to do everything. Make life easier and think of specialist eyewear to supplement your every day glasses. Take advantage of our offer and you could save up £370.

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