Sunday January 12, 2020

GPC Opticians in Stevenage  Amazing New Year Offer 2020

Here are 5 the top reasons why you should consider new glasses this year.

You are wearing the wrong prescription. Can you see clearly?

Are Your Glasses Fitting you Properly?

Your frames are missing pieces. Are there missing sides or nose pads or side pieces?

The lenses are damaged beyond repair. Are the lenses scratched?

It is time for a frame style update. New shapes and models can invigorate your wardrobe and provide a showcase for your eyes.

Because it is the New Year… I got together with our lens supplier Kodak and we have come up with fantastic offer available until January 31st 2020.
Free Second set of lenses worth up to £500+

If you buy 2 complete pairs of glasses (frames and lenses) we will give you the lenses in the second pair of complete glasses free of charge. That is a saving of £150 to £500 depending on the lenses you choose. You can use the fantastic offer for both glasses and sunglasses.
An Opportunity to Treat Yourself…

gucci glasses eyewear london Stevenage

Because it is the New Year: It is a great time to change your eyewear and your look. What better way to start the New Year than a fabulous new look. Your friends will see the difference and you will feel the difference. Choose your eyewear from the World’s Greatest designers: Gucci, Dior, and Tiffany for the ladies and Starck, Tom Ford and Boss for the gentlemen. Choosing just 2 pairs will still be difficult but enjoyable.


Multiple looks and Style Choices: Have you got a spare pair? Can you manage without your glasses for 2 weeks? Would you like a pair with transition lenses and a pair with clear lenses? Would you like a clear pair and prescription sunglasses both with UV protection? Now is the time to sort out your spectacle requirements with significant savings.



Make Life Easier: Do you find reading in bed with multifocals difficult? Yes, we all like to read in bed in a funny position. Do you play a musical instrument or use a computer for prolonged periods of time? At these unusual distances, a separate pair of glasses, that is specific to one task can make life easier and more comfortable for prolonged periods of work.

Don’t Miss Out!

If you are considering 2 Pairs of glasses to start really enjoying your vision and eyewear please make the most of this offer. Our lens manufacturers are helping us do this and this limited time offer is available only between the 2nd and 31st of January.

Please print this offer with you to claim your free lenses in your second complete pair.

Call us today to arrange your appointment: 01438 364 168
Best Wishes
Chris Violaris BSc MCOptom

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